January 2022


Cats no less liquid than their shadowsOffer no angles to the wind.They slip, diminished, neat through loopholesLess than themselves; will not be pinned To rules or routes for journeys; counterAttack with non-resistance; twistEnticing through the curving fingersAnd leave an angered empty fist. They wait obsequious as darknessQuick to retire, quick to return;Admit no aim or […]

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Bleezer’s Ice Cream Jack Prelutsky – 1940 I am Ebenezer Bleezer,I run BLEEZER’S ICE CREAM STORE,there are flavors in my freezeryou have never seen before,twenty-eight divine creationstoo delicious to resist,why not do yourself a favor,try the flavors on my list: COCOA MOCHA MACARONITAPIOCA SMOKED BALONEYCHECKERBERRY CHEDDAR CHEWCHICKEN CHERRY HONEYDEWTUTTI-FRUTTI STEWED TOMATOTUNA TACO BAKED POTATOLOBSTER LITCHI

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